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Orion - The Star Catcher

World theme: League of Legends

Born with the ability to breathe at immense altitudes, Orion grew up as one of the most promising Star Catchers of all time.

Driven by the passion to share the benefits of the stars, Orion made a deal with the grand general of Noxus to bring him the brightest star from the sky.

On returning empty handed due to a divergence of the star he had to catch, the general took Orions family captive and gave him an ultimatum.

Now roaming the lands of Runeterra, Orion frantically searches for the star that could bring back his family.

Design Question

"As a director, how do you design a concept with a clear and coherent theme for an original character that fits the gameworld of League of Legends in 5 months?"

"I’ll let nothing stand in my way to save my daughter and wife, cause in the end, nothing shines brighter than the love of a family"

Director - Jantiene van Drunick | Technical art - Ilja Ham

‘Sure, you can make a wish upon a star, but if you want to get something done, you got do it yourself.’

‘A bright star isn’t comforting if its sight burns your body to the bone’.

Director - Jantiene van Drunick | Music composition: Tijs Leemans

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