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Commercial Work

A look at my client and commercial projects

Whether I'm working in a team on a big project or designing a solo piece of art for someones home decor, I see every job as a canvas for creativity; as an opportunity to tell a story.


Ideas need to be brought to life. For what else brings joy and wonder to the world than the fantastical stories of people who wonder this Earth.


Sanity of Morris - Alterego Games

As the 2D artist at Alterego Games I had the incredible opportunity to work along side my colleagues on the game 'Sanity of Morris' published by StickyLock. Some of my responsibilities included designing logos, banners, creatures, UI and more.

Brewing Creativity: Art for Bacc Coffee Roasters

I was thrilled to have crafted the visual identity for Bacc Coffee.

Custom Line Art Magic: A Highlight

One of my favorite commissions involves designing pieces for clients where I can tell a personal story or capture a moment. I love the challenge of bringing each unique piece to life; playing with dynamic line art to make the piece almost come to life through movement.


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